Pet Paws

Hello, my name is Melissa.

I love animals and have over 13 years of experience working with them in various professional settings. I have 3 years of experience as both a Veterinary Technician and a Veterinary Assistant. Picture it Pet Sitting is a fully insured Arizona LLC with roots in the local community and surrounding area offering pet sitting, walking, photography and portraits. Rest assured that your pets will be in good hands.

Have a look around and when you're ready give me a call.

Mon - Fri: 9 to 5, Sat - Sun: 12 to 4(602) 753-3500

Pet Sitting

Fully insured, professional, reliable pet sitting tailored to your pets needs. I'll work with you to identify a schedule for updates including pictures and information letting you know how your pets are doing.

  • $25 a day for one visit per day
  • $40 a day for two visits per day
  • $55 a day for three visits per day

Drop-in Care

I have experience with most small animals, fish tanks and reptiles. I've owned geckos, chinchillas, guinea pigs, rabbits, snakes, ferrets, tortoises, sugar gliders, spiders, and many more. I've been a reef aquarium enthusiast for over 6 years with tanks ranging from 14 to 180 gallons.

  • $15 per visit for small animal or reptile care
  • $15 per visit for experienced aquarium care

Pet Walking

Help your dogs stay healthy and out of trouble by having them walked for you! You work, we'll walk. I use a mobile app to map and time our walk, at the end of which you will receive an email with a link to a map showing you the route we took, how long we walked, where we stopped and how fast we went. This way you know your dogs are getting the best exercise possible.

  • $20 per 1/2 hr (first 2 pets)

Pet Photography

I have always been fascinated with photography, and while I'm not a professional yet, I'm working hard to become one. Each time I pet sit for you, you get free photography and I get to build my portfolio and gain experience. If you have any special requests let me know and I'll find a way to capture it in a photo.

High quality photography free of charge!

Pet Portraits

I've taken art classes since the age of five, but I've only just realized what I want to do with my art. I have always loved drawing animals. My mother resorted to bribes in an effort to get me to draw anything else. I can draw a portrait of your pet in either pencil or oil pastels, all I need from you are a few of your favorite photos.

  • $35 per 5x8
  • $50 per 10x16

Some of my fantastic clients!